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DSS - Gunfighter Target Steel Series - Spring

This event is similar to our weekly Dynamic Steel matches, but showcases 9-10 stages instead of the usual 4 stages we put out weekly.  Round Count is approximately 250 rounds. There will be a Spring, July 4th and Fall match for the 2019 series. 

Competitors will earn points for their participation and finish for their division at each of the matches.  Points will be accumulate by division for all 3 matches to determine series winners. For 2019, this will be a trophy series so that we can recognize more divisions and participants.

There are more details on the Matches section of the website.

There is 1 start time for this match, 9:00 am. 

You can register for this match on Practiscore. Cost for this match is $25. Registration will open 30 days before all weekend and holiday matches. 

Results for this match will be posted to Practiscore at the conclusion of this match. They can be found on the Scores page by typing “DSS” into the search field which will populate all of the match results for Dynamic Shooting Sports.

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